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EDIT: source code available on Github.

This is the home page for Zzip, a new powerful compression tool for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 and Unix, with source code released under the GPL.

Zzip, a new compression tool still under development, can compress files with a very high compression ratio. Compared to Winzip 7.0, you can gain, at least, 15 %. Zzip has a lot of useful features (like support for file integrity tests, built-in multimedia detection/compression...).

With Zzlib, you can also use Zzip as a library (dll) in one of your program.

Source code of Zzip/Zzlib is released under the GNU LGPL.

Zzip compression algorithm is mainly based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform method developped by Mike Burrows and David Wheeler. Here are the different steps :
  • RLE packing if necessary
  • some transformations for text, multimedia and win32 binary files (eol coding, delta-encoding,...)
  • Burrows-Wheeler Transformation, it's a suffix sorting (Bentley-Sedgewick ternary sorting with initial bucket sorting)
  • MTF like transformation
  • arithmetic coding (two groups, ternary sequence & structured model)

Current release of Zzip / Zzlib is 0.36c, 04-Jun-2001

If you want further information or if you want to report any bug, please mail me at damien at debin dot net.

History :  
+ bug fixes
+ unix version doesn't work any more, it will be delayed until I can get access to a unix machine
+ source code is released under the GNU LGPL !
+ a new option '-s' to get stats about the (de)compression (only available for x86 cpus)
+ bug fixes (unix version works !)
+ zzip-sfx, a new utility (only available for Win9x/NT/2000) for building self-extracting archives from zzip archives
+ a new adaptive block size reduction algorithm (switch -a)
+ bug fixes
+ a new web site ;) http://www.zzip.f2s.com/
+ bug fixes
+ compression and uncompression are somewhat faster (5% I think for regular processors)
+ a new filter for text files (phrase replacement) has been implemented
+ better detection of multimedia files
+ bug fixes
+ compression is 5% faster, uncompression is 20% faster
+ the three algorithms have been merged into a single, please use now '-mx' to get the best compression ratio
+ memory footprint has been reduced, the new memory usage is :
  - 6 times block_size during compression
  - 5 times block_size during uncompression
+ the range of block size has been enlarged up to 20*256kb=4Mb (-b20)
+ a new switch (-mm) enables a new algorithm for image and wav files
+ a lot of functions have been added to the dll to manipulate archives
+ you can specify now which files you want to extract
+ Linux and Solaris versions have been updated
+ zzip has been turned into a dll, zzlib, so that you can use zzip as a command line software or as a library in your program
+ compression/uncompression is slightly faster
+ the compression ratio has improved by about 1%, especially with Win32 exe and text files ; I can now compress the Calgary Corpus within 816,000 bytes and the Canterbury Corpus within 471,000 bytes
+ a major release
+ some nice commands have been added : deleting files in an archive, adding files (recursively or not) to an existing/new archive, extracting files with full pathname, listing contents of archive, testing archives (command line options have changed !)
+ some bug fixes (as usual ;)
+ some important bug fixes
+ the compression ratio improved by 1% thanks to Szymon Grabowski
+ compression is about 5% faster
+ some bug fixes
+ (un)compression is about 10% faster
+ the compression ratio improved slightly (0.5%)
+ some bugfixes
+ options -b256,-b512... have been replaced by -b1,-b2...
+ a new compression mode for multimedia files (-mm)
+ uncompression is 10% faster
+ the algorithm selection is more efficient and faster
+ Another speed improvement, Zzip 0.34b is 15% faster than 0.34a, but memory usage has increased, so that there is now a new option '-lowmem' which limits memory usage
+ Zzip is now 15% faster
+ Zzip uses now 40% less memory, 7x block size instead of 10x
+ bugfixes concerning the archive feature and the i/o error handler
+ some various bug fixes
+ speed improvements (about 5% faster)
+ multiple-files-in-a-single-archive feature added
+ CRC32 control for each file of the archive
+ bug fix versions
+ unix platform
+ first quite stable version

©2000-2002 Damien Debin, last update : Jun-2002