gMapMaker enables you to make OziExplorer compatible maps (image + calibration file) and giant merged images from Google Map tiles (satellite, hybrid, driving, terrain maps)

gMapMaker screenshot 1

Due to a lack of time, development has been stopped for now.

You can have a look at Mobile GMaps, they have some tweaked and bugfixed version of gMapMaker.


Self extracting installer : download (1150KB)
(you need MS .NET Framework v2.0 to run gMapMaker)

C# source code (GPL license) : download (876KB)


v0.7 - 2008-05-22
[bugfix] fixes an incompatibility with Windows XP 64-bit
[bugfix] fixes a crash when selecting a n-slice mode
[bugfix] fixes the proxy list parameters
[feature] updates Freeimage lib to 3.10.0
[feature] adds Google Map Terrain maps
[feature] adds a "Regexp" box to customize the regular expression used to get the proxy list
[feature] adds a 16 slices mode
[feature] adds a "Reset" button to reset form values

v0.6 - 2007-12-11
[bugfix] blank images sometimes appear in cache folder
[bugfix] multi-tile image have overlapping regions
[bugfix] GoogleHybrid mode for MGMaps
[bugfix] MGMaps cache hash_size = 1 special case
[bugfix] zoom level 18 and beyond
[bugfix] erroneous East/West coordinates in .map for latitude = 0°
[bugfix] some uncompliant proxys reply without standard headers
[feature] "cancel downloads" now cancels all queued actions

v0.5 - 2007-10-08
[bugfix] for hybrid maps with high zoom level
[bugfix] related to some boundary issues
[feature] application specific parameters are now stored in gMapMaker.exe.config
[feature] new operating mode compatible with Mobile GMaps (explanation)

v0.4 - 2007-08-17
[bugfix] better french translation
[bugfix] better .map file generator

v0.3 - 2007-06-27
[bugfix] various bugfixes [feature] gMapMaker is now shipped with an installer
[feature] in hybrid mode, you can set the opacity of the driving map layer
[feature] you can split a big map in multiple slices
[feature] more options have been added to gMapMaker.exe.config

v0.2 - 2007-06-14
[bugfix] zoom level is not available at Goggle Map servers
[feature] you can specify if you want to use a proxy and where to download the proxy list
[feature] slowdown mode (to lessen load on Google servers)

v0.1 - 2007-06-12
[feature] first revision
[feature] Google Map tile images merge
[feature] multiple image formats supported (jpeg, png, tiff)
[feature] french and english translations
[feature] cache folder compatible with GoogleMV one


How do I get the Chinese driving maps (maps for China are now available at, at you just have grey areas) ?
You have to edit config file gMapMaker.exe.config and replace, for setting GoogleMT, line http://mt* with line

{ contact/e-mail }